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What is Invisa-RED™

invisa-RED is the only non-invasive device with clinically proven evidence of weight reduction, fat reduction and inch loss. During our clinical trials, patients saw an average of four and a half pounds of fat loss over the course of nine short treatments without the assistance of diet or exercise.

How Does It Work?

Photobleaching (pulsing) of the light energy and interference from these coherent wavelengths, allow for a higher rate of energy density (absorption into cells) and deeper penetration into the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Fat is utilized as an energy source from the supercharged metabolism as well as removed from the body via lymphatic excretion (urine & sweat).

Scalable weight loss with a precise combination of specific frequencies from both red and infrared laser light energy. Technology stimulates lymphatic function and increases the metabolism through the synthesis of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Exposure to red light therapy causes the adipocytes to release triglycerides, resulting in reduced volume and a measurable loss of fat.


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